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“Comprehensive, well written, well done!. Wonderful, perfect, what can I say!” more

Christine Park
South Africa


“Thanks for the wonderful three-day course, Grand Master Yap. It was very good and had deepened my knowledge on Feng Shui. All was perfect. Now I must learn and learn all that you’ve passed on to me and practise it. Thanks again. My gratitude goes to your team as well.”

Angelika Gontschar

“Thank you very much, Grand Master Yap, for enlightening me with your great wisdom on Feng Shui. I look forward to learning more from you.”

Asha Blauw Fernandez
the Netherlands

“Thank you very much for an exciting and enjoyable lecture. I’m so happy that you’ve come into my life. Your patience, love and charming way of teaching have certainly touched my heart. Although I do not know where the road of my life will take me to in the future, I know deep inside you and Feng Shui will be part of this way forever.”

Claudia Guenther
Reinheim, Germany

“It was a great experience to listen to such an honourable person like you, Grand Master Yap!”

Duyet-Khanh Tran
Hannover, Germany

“The Feng Shui course was great and I’m very glad to have attended it. I’ve met several other spiritual masters in my life but you’re incredibly strong and know how to move me. You are my spiritual master. Thanks for everything and may God bless you!”

Herve Coignard
Paris, France

“The days spent learning Module 2B of the course were fun, exciting and gave me lots of new experiences. Thank you very much.”

Manuela Neumann
Herrford, Germany

“Thank you very much dear Grand Master Yap for all your kindness and generosity. You give us not only your knowledge but the light of God as well. You are the grand, Grand Master! I will use your advice with my clients to change their lives for the better! Thank you again.”

Natalia PravdinaSt Petersburg, Russia

“It was a great pleasure and honour to have met Grand Master Yap. The Feng Shui course was very informative and I’m very thankful that Grand Master Yap shared his immense knowledge and secret formulas with us. He is such a kind and gentle man!”

Sabine Huisman
Paris, France

“I absolutely and positively enjoyed the classes. Everything was great! Yes, I enjoyed studying under Grand Master Yap very much. The practical experiences I learnt from him are invaluable and insightful. It was a tremendous experience for me.”

Sandra Yi-Ching Koo
London, United Kingdom

“Thank you very much for coming here and teaching us. It was great listening to you and I learnt so much from you. Feng Shui has changed my life and I’m very happy about that. Please come back to Germany and teach us again. If I pass my exam I will surely go to Malaysia to visit you. Thanks again!

Ute Genssle
Rhein, Germany

“I totally enjoyed your class and being in your presence, Grand Master Yap. I admire your knowledge and appreciate your humour. Besides all that I’m glad that I’ve found a real Feng Shui master and a true spiritual person in you.”

Bikash Frost
Offenbach, Germany

“I’m happy to have the opportunity to learn Feng Shui from Grand Master Yap. It’s amazing! I wish I could learn more in the future.”

Mariou Grun

“It’s exciting to be taught by such a venerable grand master such as Yap Cheng Hai. I like his vivid and humorous way of narrating. It’s a chance you don’t get any day – to be taught by someone with over five decades of personal experience. I only wish there had been more time with the more complicated formulas.

“Still, Grand Master Yap was very patient and helpful during the breaks, answering all questions from students who approached him. I think I gained the most from his personality. You learn the most from the meanings between the lines. So I thank him very much and wish him all the best and a long life.”

Thomas Sommer

“Thank you very much for your great teaching. I hope you’ll always stay healthy. All the best and may God bless you!”

Barbara Lemke
Forchheim, Germany

“Thank you, Grand Master Yap, for the knowledge taught with purpose, wisdom and spirituality. I hope through Feng Shui we can keep the rhythm of Mother Earth forever.”

Kathrin Schmack
Dusseldorf, Germany

“I did enjoy the Feng Shui course. I learnt a lot and truly appreciated how generous Grand Master Yap was to share his Feng Shui knowledge with us. Many thanks to Grand Master Yap!”

Patricia Lafferty
Colorado, United State of America

“It was a great experience listening to a learned and honourable person like Grand Master Yap. It was the best I’d ever heard! Thanks for answering all the questions.”

Johannes Maierhofer
Runkel, Germany

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