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Practical Graduate Feng Shui Practitioner's Course in Kuala Lumpur
18th September 2005

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Finally, the end of a very stressful and hectic time! The day started off with the introduction of yet another method of day selection complete with examples. After lunch the class prepared for a quick walk to the Public Bank building. Public Bank is one of the most successful banks in Malaysia; posting excellent results every year and winning numerous business awards for excellence in the banking sector. This was a case study that had everyone’s rapt attention as the students had a rare opportunity to study an actual case that was consulted by Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai personally.

Later in the evening during the graduation dinner, everyone donned their graduation gowns. Entertainment was provided by a Chinese classical band playing a mixture of classical and contemporary pieces. Further entertainment was provided by a comedy duo with a delightful mix of slapstick, acrobatics and juggling acts. A surprise to the students was the video presentation of the highlights of the entire 8 days condensed into 14 minutes. It was a great thrill for everyone to see their faces on the big screen.

The evening ended with the handing out of the certificates followed by the group photo. Everyone had mixed feeling as the dinner drew to a close – happy because they had completed a tough course yet sad as they would have to bid their new friends goodbye.

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