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Practical Graduate Feng Shui Practitioner's Course in Kuala Lumpur
11th September 2005

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Students from 18 different countries came together to sharpen their skills in Feng Shui. After being registered and given their registration kits, the students were briefed on how to use the communication equipment to allow them to follow Grand Master Yap’s lecture and to ask questions in return.

The course began with the familiarising of the basics of measurement using the luo pan for doors, roads and other structures. Each student was required to give a basic audit of the Regent Hotel. This was a good start as many students had no prior experiences on large commercial properties. Students were to use methodology as instructed by the YCH Academy. It was interesting to note that despite having the same training, the students came out with different views of the same case – the Regent Hotel.

Next was a quick tour of the shopping malls around the hotel. During the tour, students were told of the history, success or failure of each mall. They were then invited to give their opinions on the success or failure of the malls. The use of the luo pan was minimised here so that students got used to the idea that Feng Shui is more than just about directions; it’s also about the shapes, designs, stairs and interior decorations of buildings.

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