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Practical Graduate Feng Shui Practitioner's Course, Kuala Lumpur
18th June 2006

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It was the first day of the Practical Graduate Feng Shui Practitioner’s Course. After participating students checked in and registered themselves at Regent Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, they were briefed on the objectives of the course as well as the ground rules that they were expected to adhere to for the next few days. The students came from all over the world, including Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, France, South Africa, Canada, Cyprus, Thailand and of course, Malaysia.

In their welcome address, Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai and Master Yap Boh Chu, the instructors of the course, conveyed that Feng Shui is not just about its practitioners using formulas but about them gaining hands-on experience and to be involved with external environments as well.

After the students were divided into their respective groups, they set off for their first Feng Shui audit – on Regent Hotel itself. For most of the students, this was the first time they audited a large commercial project. It was a good start as they learnt how to go about the process of analysing such a big building and studying the changes that could be applied to the building to improve its Feng Shui.

The students took a quick lunch break and then continued with Feng Shui tours at surrounding commercial buildings such as Star Hill, KL Plaza, BB Plaza and Sungei Wang Plaza. They ended the day with dinner at Coca Restaurant in KL Plaza.

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