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In their quest for divine guidance, Chinese from ancient times have sought the help of divinities or “qiu qian” at temples where they pray to deities for solutions. “Qiu qian” is done through the shaking of a cylinder filled with numbered bamboo strips until one falls off. The answer to the petitioner’s question lies in a paper script that matches the number on the bamboo strip.

Now, there is another method not unlike the “qiu qian” approach but with more convenience. You can find answers that you seek through the use of a book called I-Ching Oracles. Penned by Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai, this book allows you to perform your own divination without the need to visit a temple. Answers that you search are found in the 64 “guas” of the book. All you need is the book itself and a slim sharp object, for instance, an office pin.

Written in simple and easy-to-understand English, the 148-page I-Ching Oracles should be used with sincerity as the accuracy of the oracles is very much dependent on how sincere your request is. Also, you should phrase your request specifically and reasonably. Avoid vague questions. So, instead of asking “Will I be rich?”, ask “Will I enjoy financial wealth in the next five years?” Relevance is crucial as well. If you’re concerned about your career, find your answer in the relevant section.

Once you’ve been directed to the page with the answer to your request, read carefully. Let the explanation sink in, particularly on the Interpretation and Verse sections. You should read between the lines as well to grasp more subtle answers.

Another thing to remember is to ask the same question once only. If you’re not happy with the answer and still wish to ask once more, approach it on another day.

A word of caution: avoid using this book to probe other peoples’ business or affairs. Neither should you use it to check on your spouse’s fidelity. You can, however, consult the book if your marriage is going through a rough patch.

While I-Ching Oracles can be used by people of any race and creed, there are some features that may not apply for non-Chinese such as the section under “Benefactors” whose name should include Chinese characters.

Give I-Ching Oracles a try. Use it to help make important life decisions. Get a copy today.

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