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Sidhi Wiguna Teh
PT. Indonesia Feng Shui Architects
Komplek Nagoya, Newtown Blok A, No. 7 Lubuk Baja
Kota Batam, 29432 Batam Island, Indonesia

Tel: +62-778 451 367, +62-778 451 250     Fax: +62-778 451 249     Mobile: +62 811701076
Enquiries: kreasi-at-indosat.net.id, sidhi_w-at-yahoo.com, sidhi_wiguna-teh-at-ychacademy.com

The proprietor of an Architect firm since 1992 who now combines Architecture and Feng Shui under PT. Indonesia Feng Shui Architects. Sidhi is also a regular columnist with his own Feng Shui column for Media Indonesia (a Nationwide Newspaper) and Media Indonesia online ( www.mediaindo.co.id ).

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